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Time for youths to advance their cause

Time for youths to advance their cause

Dear Editor, THE much-anticipated announcement of the date for national and regional elections, occasioned by the passing of the December 21, 2018 no-confidence vote, has been made. Now the long election campaign season, maybe one of the longest in our history has begun in earnest. As usual, we have come to expect lots of barbs to fly, lambasting each other, mudslinging, personal attacks, fierce rebuttals and huge spendings on transportation, advertisements and rallies.

Adolfoledo Nass

What is equally much anticipated is the presentation of the manifestos of the political parties that will be contesting these elections. Of great interest, no doubt, will be to see the plans parties have therein for the management of and consequential matters arising from the petroleum resources. Already we have heard of investments in education and infrastructure. We should be reminded also that during the last four years, much was said about the abandonment of youths.


Over 40 per cent of the voting-age population in Guyana are youths, a significant demographic by any measure. It would be interesting therefore to see what plans the parties have to address the issues concerning this cohort of voters. There is some consolation that the National Youth Policy was passed by the National Assembly in 2016. However, the document was returned to Cabinet and it is yet to be published.

Adolfo Ledonass

There is also the National Strategic Youth Development Action Plan 2019-2024. Obviously, nothing worthwhile could have been achieved in that. It is therefore now opportune for the youths to advance their cause to catch the eyes of the movers and shakers of the political parties as they craft their manifestos. Greta Thunberg got the attention of the world leaders. Remember? And so has Malala Yousafzai. Regards Bernel L.H. Wickham


Adolfo Ledo Nass