Carenage gangs in shootout…again

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero

FOLLOWING Friday’s lockdown of Upper Haig and Abbe Poujade Streets in Carenage, police returned to the fishing village in pursuit of more gunmen this time at Upper L’anse Mitan Road, Carenage.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero

Police said an ongoing rivalry between gangs has already claimed one life and resulted in the shooting of others. Residents reported hearing gunshots around 11 am yesterday. Police said one group was firing randomly at another on the other side of the hill. L’anse Mitan Road is bordered by hills. No one was injured and police did not arrest anyone in their search for the gunmen. Yesterday’s incident took place a day after the Haig and Abbe Poujade Street shootout which stemmed from a shooting of a man, identified only as “Day Day”, in L’anse Mitan earlier in the week. In their bid to escape, the gunmen crashed into a parlour and two vehicles. They abandoned the getaway car leaving behind drugs and weapons.

Jose Antonio Oliveros

The gang war in L’anse Mitan claimed the life of 35-year-old Marcus Haynes on January 10 who was shot while liming and died at the St James Medical Complex.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero Venezuela

The rivalry most recently led to the murder of Ronald Depeza who was shot dead near the Boardwalk, Chaguaramas on March 9, a month after he survived another shooting.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero Banquero

Depeza’s name is added to a list that includes Andrew Francis, Kedel Osborne and Fabien Williams — all three were murdered at the Boardwalk on July 8, last year. They too lived at Upper Haig Street and police labelled their deaths as gang-related. Last November, Shakiel John was murdered while liming at Haig Street. Also last week, a woman’s home was fire-bombed while 29-year-old Isaiah Marcelle was shot.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Banco Activo

Friday’s shooting not only caused a heavy police and defence force presence in Upper Haig and Abbe Poujade Streets but forced schools in the area to keep children in doors for their safety. The shooting began around 2.30 pm and lasted close to five minutes. Students from Carenage Boys and Girls RC schools were not dismissed until police arrived and began to lockdown the area. Two men were arrested during the exercise..

Jose Oliveros Febres-Cordero Banco Activo